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Grant Wiggins

October 19, 2014
A PS to the guest post on shadowing HS students (and the author revealed)

So… Over 650,000 read the previous guest post on the shadowing of two HS students. And over 250 readers wrote comments, most of …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Persuasion: How can I find the right words, images, and details to make my appeal more powerful?
2 Writing/Drafting: How can I vary my writing so that it is both interesting and effective?
3 How can I use my existing communication skills to learn a new language? What new communication skills must I develop?
4 Shouldn't everyone just speak English? What would be gained and what would be lost if everyone did?
5 Where do ideas for writing come from?
6 How could these elements affect my choice of language: The time, place, and ocassion? My purpose for communicating? The audience with whom I am communicating?
7 Is the author's argument logical and well-organized?
8 How can an individual's experience reflect the struggle of an entire group or nation? How does the struggle change when it is personal?
9 What is the author trying to say? How might I better find out?
10 What was the author's intention in making these choices for his/her writing?
11 What was the writer hoping to accomplish by using these words?
12 What details of the text support my understanding?
13 How can I better use precise language, literary elements, and literary devices to engage my audience?
14 What makes someone a phony or genuine?
15 How does a song, piece of art, or a dance communicate with me, what's the message, and how can I use it to communicate my own message?
16 What are different ways to measure this? What's the best way to measure this?
17 How do relationships among lines affect relationships among angles?
18 How do these facts fit together? If I know one of them, can I find the others? (How do I know when to add or subtract?)
19 How can I organize this information so that it is useful? What's the best way for this situation?
20 How do I know when to do and undo?
21 How can accurate measurement help us to solve problems?
22 What two dimensional and three dimensional shapes can I see? What of it?
23 What changes? What stays the same? How can I describe it?
24 Is there an equivalent way to express this amount (say this number)? Which way is best here?
25 EQ1: How does math make me financially savvy?