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Thoughts on Education

Grant Wiggins

November 17, 2014
Hands on ≠ Minds on

from today’s Smartbrief: Student members of the Young Americans for Freedom at a school in Rome, Ga., marked the 25th …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Writing/Drafting: What do I have to say? How can I best say it?
2 Grammar: How do the rules and conventions of written English make a reader's job easier?
3 What do good readers do?
4 When I'm teaching someone about my topic, what should they come away knowing? Understanding better? Feeling? Imagining?
5 How do friendships change over time?
6 How do gender, race, and class influence the writer's perspective?
7 Why am I writing this? For whom? How do I get from idea to polished paper?
8 How has the author used various elements and devices to craft a good story? How successful has he/she been in reaching that goal?
9 What challenges have people faced in the past that have shaped the world today?
10 Are any mathematical principles or laws acting here? How can I tell?
11 How do these things relate to one another and to what I already know?
12 What's the best way to decide how many there are here?
13 How can a number keep me healthy?
14 How will my cooperation with other students affect my grade this year?
15 How can I best compare this number to a set of objects?
16 How will I use Math in everyday life?
17 Does my answer make sense and how can I explain my answer to someone else?
18 What ways can I measure this? What's the best way?
19 Who has more (less)? How do I know?
20 Why assume anything? What are my assumptions? How do they influence my actions and conclusions?
21 How do you know when a measurement is accurate enough? How do we make adjustments, or account for, inherent inaccuracies or errors in measurement?
22 When should I use a table? A graph? An equation? Which approach best communicates what I want the audience to get?
23 Is this true for both convex and concave quadrilaterals?
24 EQ1: What makes a story sticky?
25 EQ1: Should I divide? Which division model or strategy should I use? How do I know?