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Thoughts on Education

Grant Wiggins

February 16, 2015
Dozens of EQs from a vital source

An excerpt from an important book: “We have framed some questions which, in our judgment, are responsive to the actual …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Writing Process: How can I use the writing process to become a better writer?
2 Writing/Revising: How can I enhance the language in my writing to make it more powerful?
3 Geography: How does geography affect economies?
4 How do proficient speakers negotiate meaning?
5 How does my understanding about the culture of a people help me communicate with them most effectively?
6 What is worth fighting for? What is worth dying for?
7 How are prejudice and bias created? How do we overcome them?
8 What do good readers do when they don't understand?
9 How can I apply what I read to my own life and to my own writing?
10 How does a song, piece of art, or a dance communicate with me, what's the message, and how can I use it to communicate my own message?
11 What kinds of questions will bring me people's undivided attention and prompt interesting conversation?
12 How can we best find out and illustrate rate of change? When is it useful?
13 How can rounding help me with estimation?
14 What comes next place in the pattern?
15 Which rules still apply, which must be revised in light of this new development (shape, strategy, context, etc.)?
16 Are the rules we use determined by unchangeable realities, or are they practical human conventions? (Is math "real," or did people make it up?)
17 What does this algebraic statement mean? What does the answer mean?
18 What are the defining characteristics of a type of relationship? How do we best measure and interpret them?
19 What can I measure?
20 What is the best model for a relationship? Is it quadratic in nature, cubic, or something else?
21 Do I have sufficient information to establish mathematical relationships? Solve for what I'm looking for? Prove this?
22 How can our genes result in proteins?
23 What factors affect population growth or decline?
24 EQ1: How can I read like a writer?
25 EQ2: Sometimes there is more than one way to express something; how do we know when one method is better than another?