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Grant Wiggins

October 23, 2014
Argument – the Core of the Common Core – and a clarifying example

The Common Core Standards make crystal clear that college and professional workplace readiness demand student ability to read and write …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Grammar: Why do people judge each other by the quality of the language they use?
2 Economics: Why can't I have everything I want?
3 Why do we still care about Romeo and Juliet? (What makes a work of literature "timeless"?)
4 What do good readers do?
5 What are the elements that build a strong friendship?
6 When I write, how will I make my "voice" heard?
7 How can honest researchers synthesize information from their sources?
8 How do gender, race, and class influence the writer's perspective?
9 How do these ideas shape me and influence my thinking?
10 What details of the text support my understanding?
11 What elements of the story are significant (especially conflict)?
12 How can poetry provide me with a meaningful lens through which to view our country's land, people, and history?
13 What numbers are here? What do they mean?
14 What are the relationships among the angles and sides of geometric figures?
15 What is a pattern?
16 How many ways can I make ___ (a number)?
17 How do we decide which mathematical process to use?
18 Is there a better approach?
19 To what extent can mathematics model the real world?
20 What is a reasonable answer? Does my solution work out in a real-world context?
21 What is the pattern/relationship here? How can it be represented mathematically?
22 How has biodiversity on Earth changed over time, and what environmental influences caused these changes to occur?
23 6.3.2 Why are antibiotics effective against bacteria but not viruses?
24 EQ1:What are the roles and responsibilities of government and the citizens it represents?
25 EQ2: What happens when civilizations encounter crisis?