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Grant Wiggins

March 26, 2015
On reading, Part 4: research on the comprehension strategies – a closer look

In the three previous posts on reading for understanding (here, here, and here) I looked at the general question: What …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Journalism: How can a powerful news story change the world?
2 Writing Process: How can I use the writing process to become a better writer?
3 Grammar: How formal should I be here? Why?
4 Geography: What is the relationship between the geography of a place and the economics of a place?
5 How can defiant acts be necessary? Empowering?
6 What techniques do authors use to convey their messages?
7 What do literature circles look, sound, and feel like?
8 What do good readers and writers do?
9 Where are the modern American frontiers?
10 How are people transformed through their relationships with others?
11 What allows some individuals to take a stand against prejudice/oppression while others choose to participate in it?
12 How can the other parts of this text help me understand an unfamiliar word or figure out the meaning of a confusing phrase?
13 Who has a story worth telling?
14 What activities have the most health benefits?
15 How does thinking about patterns help make generalizations which can apply to other things?
16 How do I make a round cake if I only have a square pan?
17 How reasonable is this answer, given what I know?
18 What trends and patterns are well represented by a line?
19 How are the operations of arithmetic the same with numbers and with algebraic expression? How are they different?
20 What is the value of this digit (number)? To what extent does it matter?
21 What does this equation tell us is equivalent? What is important about this equivalence?
22 What mathematical representation is most useful to me in a given situation? Algebraic? Numeric? Graphic?
23 How can I use what I already know to develop a solution? Have I seen anything like this before?
24 What can be done to strengthen the rights of individuals and groups?
25 UEQ1: How do Americans balance their own individual interests against the common good?