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Grant Wiggins

May 25, 2015
My reply to Willingham, Part 2

In part 1 of my reply to Willingham’s article on reading comprehension strategies published recently in the Washington Post, I …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Writing/Drafting: How should I structure my story? How do the pieces of my ideas fit together so that the story is easy to follow?
2 Writing/Drafting: How can I best organize and present the information I want to share?
3 Geography: How do landforms, climate, and the location of natural resources affect the way people live and work?
4 Geography: Who should own or control the earth and its natural resources? What should we do when the goals and interests of different groups conflict?
5 Economics: How do unions affect the economy?
6 What makes a good citizen?
7 How do gender, race, and class influence the writer's perspective?
8 Is it possible - or desirable - to remain innocent? Why might we not want to grow up? When is this a healthy and when is it an unhealthy instinct?
9 How can a song, piece of art, or a dance be autobiographical?
10 What useful relationships exist between circles, angles, and triangles?
11 How do these things relate to one another and to what I already know?
12 What story does the graph tell?
13 How can this situation be represented by a model? What are all the things that could happen?
14 How can math help sports professionals improve their game and make it more enjoyable for spectators?
15 How could I solve this? Which way is best for me, here?
16 How does one make a mathematical model of uncertain events?
17 What is the best way to solve this system? Is there always a best way?
18 What properties and rules apply to this situation? How can I be sure?
19 How do operations with polynomials relate to the problem I want to solve?
20 What does this expression/equation tell us is equivalent? What is important about this equivalence?
21 How are one-, two-, and three-dimensional measures related?
22 How do you use mathematics to represent a real-life situation?
23 What is the relationship between a system's structure and it's function?
24 How do populations change over time?
25 EQ1: How do I find out what I don't know?