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Grant Wiggins

January 29, 2015
The baby and the bathwater – further thoughts on not just DI, but many reform failures

Readers will know that I promised a thoughtful follow-up to my previous post in which I criticized DeLisle’s recent Ed …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Expository Writing: In what form should I communicate this information? Why?
2 Vocabulary: When should I use a simple word? When should I use a more complex word?
3 Geography: To what extent should we use the resource of our environment to meet our needs? To what extent should we preserve the environment as it is?
4 Why do we still care about Romeo and Juliet? (What makes a work of literature "timeless"?)
5 What clues does this text hold that can help me understand what it means and why it was written?
6 Am I persuaded? Why?
7 How can the reader evaluate the validity/reliability of the writer's perspective?
8 Is this a fact or an opinion? How can I tell? What difference does it make?
9 How do I find my voice?
10 How can I apply what I read to my own life and to my own writing?
11 What details of the text support my understanding?
12 What role do the senses play as a I read, write, listen to, and recite poetry?
13 Why is it important and helpful to provide and solicit supporting details as a responsive speaker and listener?
14 How can I use what I already know to develop a solution?
15 What's the value of this digit? How can I use that?
16 About how many are there? How can I tell?
17 How does math shape my opinions and enjoyment of different television shows
18 What story does this graph tell?
19 Is there a better approach?
20 What story does this graph tell?
21 Is this a new thing, or a familiar thing in disguise?
22 How do you know when a measurement is accurate enough? How do we make adjustments, or account for, inherent inaccuracies or errors in measurement?
23 How can I use matrices to represent this relationship and/or solve this problem? Is it to my advantage to use matrices here?
24 What are the similarities and differences of congruence and similarity of triangles?
25 6.4.2, 6.4.5 Why is ventilation necessary and how does it occur in humans? (How does the human body maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide?)