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Grant Wiggins

December 08, 2014
Questions about Questions: NCSS and UbD

Many history and social studies teachers have asked me a question that is moving around Twitter: “What is the relationship …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Personal Narrative: What do I have to say about my self, my goals, my philosophy? How can I best say it to achieve my purpose?
2 Economics: Who has money? Who doesn't? Why?
3 Economics: How do companies, advertisers, and the media try to influence our buying decisions? How successful are they?
4 What do I do when I am stuck?
5 How do others' expectations for a person influence the path his/her life takes?
6 What is love, anyway?
7 How does retelling a story help me be a better reader?
8 How do authors use words and images to achieve the effect they desire?
9 What happened in this text? What is it about? How do I know?
10 How can I use personal connections to be a more powerful reader and writer?
11 How does being a member of a BOOK CLUB empower me in my life as a reader, writer, listener and speaker?
12 How can we tell who a character - or a real person - really is "inside"?
13 Why do people sometimes push others away? When is "cool" uncool?
14 How will experiencing literature circles this year give me more power and self-confidence as a reader, writer, listener and speaker both in and outside of the classroom?
15 Why does Jennifer Lopez need to know math?
16 How can this situation be represented by a model? What are all the things that could happen?
17 How can I use numbers to persuade others to my opinion?
18 What important conventions are required to make algebra "work"? Are some more important than others?
19 How can I express the relationship between these things? Why should I?
20 How do these fit together?
21 What does this digit mean? What does this number mean? How does it matter?
22 What is always true, and what is only true because of the conditions?
23 How can I use previously proven facts about triangles and circles to develop new formulas and establish new relationships?
24 How does understanding the multiplication and division of decimals help me to understand my growing body?
25 Which tools and units of measurement apply here? Which are best for what I need to express or do?