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Grant Wiggins

November 24, 2014
Failure: the 8th grade NYS Common Core Math Test

As I have often written here, the Common Core Standards are just common sense – but that the devil is in …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Expository Writing: How can I effectively blend my own perspective with the information I have gathered?
2 Writing/Revising: How can I change or strengthen the organization of what I have written to make it more effective?
3 Geography: Why do people from different regions have different patterns of speech, behavior, and belief? How fluid are these regions?
4 Economics: Why do some economies succeed while others fail?
5 Civics: What is the relationship between the rights and the responsibilities of citizenship?
6 Civics: How can we keep government responsive to needs and interests?
7 Do they really understand me? How can I tell?
8 What control do I have over the path my life takes?
9 What can I understand about the author and the text through his/her choice of language?
10 How do writers express their thoughts and feelings? Where do ideas for writing come from?
11 When I write, how will I make my "voice" heard?
12 How can I figure out the central idea or theme of this piece of text?
13 What role do stories play in my everyday life?
14 How does the use of literary devices translate into art form?
15 What are numbers for?
16 How can we summarize the data so that we can understand the essential features of the situation represented by these data?
17 What happens if I break this apart? Put these together?
18 Is this a new thing, or a familiar thing in disguise?
19 How much do I need?
20 Is this a situation where I should add or subtract? How do I know?
21 Which strategy is appropriate to solve this problem?
22 How do I know when to round?
23 When would I prefer a series over a sequence when modeling mathematical phenomena? When using a series, how do I choose between arithmetic and geometric?
24 If I expand my investigation to all general cases, will my conclusions be meaningful? If I limit my investigation further to certain special cases, will my result be even more meaningful?
25 6.6.2, 6.6.4 What is the role of hormones in the male and female reproductive systems?