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Grant Wiggins

April 17, 2015
Another shadowing report

Today’s post is a guest post from Jeremy Chiappeta, Executive Director at Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy. Jeremy took us up on …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Geography: How do changes in our environment lead to changes in the way we live?
2 Economics: How can individuals/families/companies/governments best balance their limited economic resources?
3 When should I be formal? When should I be informal? How can I tell?
4 How could these elements affect my choice of language: The time, place, and ocassion? My purpose for communicating? The audience with whom I am communicating?
5 How can I learn to stand up for what I believe in?
6 What happens when belief systems of societies and individuals come into conflict?
7 How does my cultural background influence me? OR- Who am I as a member of the world's community?
8 What happened in the text? What is it about? How do I know?
9 What does it feel like to be comfortable in my own skin? Or uncomfortable in my own skin?
10 Who am I to judge? Who are you to judge?
11 How do authors (of books) and directors (of movies) hook and hold the interest of their audiences?
12 What am I able to do only because of the positional base ten number system?
13 What kind of an equation is this? What does it tell us is equivalent? What is important about that equivalence?
14 How does math shape my opinions and enjoyment of different television shows
15 What happens when solutions are not "real"?
16 Are the rules we use determined by unchangeable realities, or are they practical human conventions? (Is math "real," or did people make it up?)
17 How should I interpret different types of numbers?
18 Do all problems have solutions? How do I know?
19 How can I use what I know about polynomials to solve a quadratic equation? What more do I need to know?
20 What ways can I measure this? What's the best way?
21 How can I "un-do" a function? If I know what the "output" is, how can I find what the "input" was?
22 What are my assumptions? How do they affect my actions and conclusions?
23 How do scientists around the world communicate their findings to each other if they do not speak the same language?
24 What's the best representation of "1" here?
25 NJ Health & PE 2.2.D. To what extent do outside influences shape values?