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Grant Wiggins

May 25, 2015
My reply to Willingham, Part 2

In part 1 of my reply to Willingham’s article on reading comprehension strategies published recently in the Washington Post, I …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Personal Narrative: How can writing my personal narrative help me better understand myself?
2 Geography: How do landforms, climate, and the location of natural resources affect the way people live and work?
3 Civics: What is the relationship between the rights and the responsibilities of citizenship?
4 Civics: How do I find out what a candidate thinks? How do I find out if the candidate is right?
5 What are the music and images of poetry and how can our senses help us with poems; how do these sounds and words form patterns and relationships?
6 What can poetry tell us about a person, culture or society?
7 When I write, how will I make my "voice" heard?
8 Is this a fact or an opinion? How can I tell? What difference does it make?
9 What happened in this text? What is it about? How do I know?
10 Why should I care about recognizing poetry in my life? What's in it for me?
11 What shape is this?
12 How do these facts fit together? If I know one of them, can I find the others? (How do I know when to add or subtract?)
13 How can a number help me to improve my education?
14 Why couldn't a construction specialist just use whole numbers for all their measurements when building?
15 2. What conclusions can I draw from this data?
16 Which tool should I use? Which unit?
17 Is there a better approach?
18 How should mathematical findings be used in making decisions?
19 Is there a better model than a line?
20 Why/when/to what extent does math give a different answer than what I see?
21 What technique for solving a quadratic is best? How do I decide?
22 How can I express the relationship between these things? Why should I?
23 NJ Health & PE 2.2.C. In order to achieve lifetime wellness, what should I plan for and what should I just let happen?
24 What is cell theory?
25 EQ1:What are the roles and responsibilities of government and the citizens it represents?