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Thoughts on Education

Grant Wiggins

May 25, 2015
My reply to Willingham, Part 2

In part 1 of my reply to Willingham’s article on reading comprehension strategies published recently in the Washington Post, I …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Persuasion: What will it take to convince this audience, given this topic?
2 Journalism: How can a powerful news story change the world?
3 Writing/Revising: How can I change or strengthen the organization of what I have written to make it more effective?
4 Geography: Who should own or control the earth and its natural resources? What should we do when the goals and interests of different groups conflict?
5 Civics: How do the differing opinions of citizens lead to the development of public policy? How well do those policies reflect the public interest?
6 What should I do when my ideas are more sophisticated than my ability to communicate them?
7 How do proficient speakers negotiate meaning?
8 What is the author trying to say? How might I better find out?
9 How does retelling a story help me be a better reader?
10 Why is research important?
11 When I write, how will I make my "voice" heard?
12 Which words matter most here? What do they mean?
13 What can I understand about the message in this text through the writer's choice of language?
14 How do physical journeys compare to journeys of other kinds like spiritual, psychological, political, social ones? How can the reader distinguish one type of journey from another?
15 Why did this author create this text?
16 How do I find my voice?
17 What is the difference between poetry and poems?
18 Where do I find my story?
19 How can I better use precise language, literary elements, and literary devices to engage and connect with my audience?
20 What's the pattern/relationship here? How can this situation be represented mathematically? What are all the things that could happen?
21 What properties and rules apply to this situation? How can I be sure?
22 What do I know about this problem? What do I need to know?
23 How can these be combined (broken down) to make new shapes?
24 What's missing here? How can I find it?
25 Why and how do people struggle for Civil Rights?