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Grant Wiggins

September 14, 2014
Our job as mentors

Tom Friedman wrote a highly-read and forwarded op-ed piece in the New York Times recently in which he summarized the …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Expository Writing: In what form should I communicate this information? Why?
2 Personal Narrative: How can I make my story interesting to others?
3 Journalism: What is news? What is not news? How can I tell?
4 Grammar: How formal should I be here? Why?
5 How can I best develop my ability to hear “chunks” of meaning, rather than only individual words?
6 What can I understand about the author through his choice of language?
7 How does the search for the frontier imply a struggle?
8 How do I know when my writing is good? How good is good enough?
9 How will learning and using the elements of persuasion and in my writing and speaking give me more power?
10 How will reading and thinking in a deeper way increase my chances of being able to back up what I say?
11 Do irrational numbers exist in the real world? Are irrational numbers important in the real world?
12 What shape is this?
13 How will the knowledge of multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals help me to understand the events of the space race?
14 How will I use Math in everyday life?
15 How do television shows based on scientific topics use math to help educate their viewer about the issues of science?
16 How can I use what I know to solve this problem? What more do I need to know?
17 Math models the real world, or does it?
18 Which measure (mean, median, mode, or range) should I use to make my point?
19 How do you know when a measurement is accurate enough? How do we make adjustments, or account for, inherent inaccuracies or errors in measurement?
20 What role did math play in the History of our Nation?
21 How well can we mathematically model the real world?
22 Why would you want to know about your genetic makeup?
23 What factors affect population growth or decline?
24 EQ2: What is the most useful way to compare these quantities?
25 EQ1: Sometimes there is more than one way to express something; how do we know when one method is better than another?