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Grant Wiggins

April 19, 2014
Engagement and Personalization: Feedback Part 2

We know the relationship between feedback and achievement is strong. What about the relationship between feedback, personalization and, hence, motivation? …

25 Essential Questions

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# Essential Question
1 Journalism: Why am I reporting this? What effect do I want my story to have? Do I want to inform people? Make them think deeply? Persuade them? Spur them to action? How do my answers to those questions affect the way I write my story?
2 Creative Writing: How creative can I be? How creative should I be?
3 Geography: To what extent do humans live in their own communities? To what extent are we all part of a larger, global community?
4 Why do people dream? What inspires their dreams?
5 What happened in the text? What is it about? How do I know?
6 What freedoms do other people have or want?
7 How can the experiences of others, as well as those of characters in literature, help me to learn about challenges and effective coping mechanisms?
8 How do I approach creating my autobiography through art and how can I use what I already know about powerful reading, listening, writing, and speaking to facilitate the process?
9 Would people be happier or better off if they could live forever?
10 How many are there?
11 How much money do I need?
12 5. What story does this graph tell?
13 How does a better understanding of calendars and clocks help us in our daily lives?
14 What's the pattern in these numbers? How can I find out and be sure?
15 What do numbers mean?
16 How well can mathematics model real-world phenomena?
17 How do I know if a quadratic model is appropriate?
18 What patterns can I find?
19 How can I find a measure without actually measuring?
20 When is estimation useful? What determines a reasonable estimation for a given situation?
21 How can I use what I already know to relate the angles and sides of oblique triangles?
22 Do I have sufficient information to establish mathematical relationships? Solve for what I'm looking for? Prove this?
23 What is a minimum set of conditions for determining a unique line?
24 How does matter move through ecosystems?
25 Why would you want to know about your genetic makeup?